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Welcome to one of my web sites

I will admit openly that I have simply slapped this page together as a means to test some web hosting options, I apologize if you were hoping for something significant. Maybe down the road.

Be sure to check out my Android customization series on Android Authority.

Find me online here:

» Android Authority

» Drone Rush

» Android, Penguin, Life (my little old tech blog)

A little info to get you started

While I still have dreams to developer for Android, I have nothing conrete in the works. In the mean time, I am filling my days writing all about Android and related on one of the top Android enthusiast sites on the web, Android Authority, I also get to share my passion for flight over at Drone Rush.

Down the Road

I have some great ideas for some Mobile Apps and I am a huge fan of the Android Operating System. One of the best developed software stacks out there.
Problem being that I am just getting started out on Android Dev. and like any employee in the IT world, tough stuff to find the time to learn a new product if you aren't hands on throughout your day.
But don't you worry, I am dedicated to learning this and so very excited to bombard you with apps, hopefully some will be as useful to you as they will be for me.

While you wait, why not check out my ongoing Android customization series, dedicated to the best tools, tips and tricks for all our Android customization and personalization needs.